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Serving Highway 36 in Humboldt and Trinity County, California. From Bridgeville to Mad River, including Dinsmore, McClellan Mountain, Larabee Valley, Buck Mountain and Ruth Lake.


Contact us if you are looking to buy or sell property in the Humboldt and Trinity areas in Northern California.

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Ann Matula Gyenis
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Irene Hetrick
Real Estate Agent

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Welcome to Valley View Realty
Serving Highway 36 in Humboldt and Trinity County

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Meeting your Real Estate needs, whether buying or selling, in Humboldt and Trinity County along Highway 36 from Bridgeville to Mad River, including Dinsmore, Mad River, and Ruth Lake. We have been in business serving the real estate needs of buyers and sellers for over 30 years.

We can help you with your real estate questions.

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Contact us and let us know what price range, area, and type of properties you are interested in. We look forward to meeing you and helping you find the property you are looking for.

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